Robin Sage, LMT is the owner of Sage School of Light; A Medical Intuitive Training Program. Robin is a medical intuitive, energy reader, energy healer, clairvoyant, channel and teacher of intuitive development. Robin provides clear information on all issues including health, medical, finance, business, direction, relationships, transition, past lives, pets, goals, manifesting and more. Robin is internationally known for her ability to find the root cause and cure creating physical and emotional pain, thus healing the body, mind and spirit holistically. All sessions and classes are accessible world-wide via the telephone or Skype. To make an appointment please click on “Book a Session” or email Robin for more information:

To Book A Session With Robin:

1) Fill out a “New Client” form with your question or health concern 2) email Robin to set up an apt time 3) click the “Buy Now” button to purchase a session on the “Book a Session” page (the link is above) 4) Robin will call you on your apt day and give you a reading and/or healing via the phone. The session will be recorded as they are packed with information and healing exercises that will be easier to remember if recorded. The MP3 recording will be send to your email inbox to download.

As your body and life heal, you may experience internal movement and external change as the old toxic materials, thought patterns, emotions, people and energies are released from your system. This period is normal and is called a “growth period.” Sometimes it feels heavenly and sometimes it feels unpleasant. This is all part of the healing process to achieve wellness.