"What causes dis-eases are emotional wounds that have not yet healed, either from yesterday, childhood or previous lifetimes. This is the important factor to uncover and heal and where I can assist you with a clairvoyant reading, energy healing and body scan. I am here to help you to create love, light, health, joy and abundance in your life."  Robin Eagle Sage

Robin Eagle Sage, MI, LMT is the founder of Sage School of Light; A Medical Intuitive Training and Empowerment Program. She is a medical intuitive, energy reader, energy healer, clairvoyant, channel, author and teacher of intuitive development. Robin provides clear and accurate information on all issues including health, relationships, financial success, business, direction, transition, past lives, pets, goals, deceased loved ones, manifesting and more. Robin is internationally known for her ability to find the root cause and cure of both physical and emotional dis-ease, thus healing the body, mind and spirit holistically. All sessions and classes are accessible world-wide via the telephone or Skype. 

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To Make an Appointment with Robin:

1) Fill out a  New Client Registration Form with your question or health concern .
2) Email (info@RobinEagleSage.com) call or text (808-268-8501) Robin to set up an apt time.
3) Click the "Buy Now" button to purchase a session on the "Prices/Pay Here" page.
4) Robin will call you on your apt day and give you a reading and/or healing via the phone. The session will be recorded as they are packed with information and healing exercises that will be easier to remember if recorded. Your free MP3 recording will be sent to you via email to download.

During your reading I will look at your emotional and physical blockages. I will talk about what I see and what you need to do, think or change in order for them to heal. Because if you want a change, such a changed reality with your health, finances or relationship, then you must change your habits. I will give you an energetic healing as well.

Everyone has emotional blockages. Whatever you don't heal from the past, whether from yesterday, your childhood, or a past life, will follow you around to the present day and continue to "block" you from your creative flow, health and happiness. I will look at these blockages and heal them as best as I can, and to the degree that your body, mind and spirit will allow. Blockages take lifetimes to develop and do not always heal in one day. I will tell you what work you will need to do to continue the healing process after our session. That being said, the energetic healing and information that I give you will be a huge jump start forward! And some say that they are completely healed after only one session.

After Your Appointment with Robin

I recommend listening to the audio recording of our session many times as there will be healing exercises to repeat and you will hear different information each time you listen to it, depending on the space that you are in and your current level of awareness.

As your body heals, you may experience internal and external transformation. This happens as the old unhealthy toxic waste, chemicals, energies and thought patterns are released from your system and the new nutrients, positive energies and healthy thoughts come in to establish their new territory. This period is normal and is called a "growth period." It usually lasts from 1-3 days. I recommend resting for one hour after the session to allow for a peaceful transition.