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We Are All Free

We are all free. We can do whatever we want and we can live from our heart’s desires if we choose. But do we? Most of us are confined to the customs of relationships that wrap around us like a noose, providing little more than guilt and shame if we do not conform to them
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Create A Magnificent Life!

One thing I have noticed about people is that they like to complicate things. I prefer to keep it grounded and simple. As a medical intuitive who has given twenty years’ worth of energy readings and healings and cured countless diseases, I have realized that simplicity is the key to life and can be the
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The 4th Chakra

The 4th chakra is located in the heart region of the human body. It is about connection and oneness with all. When a person does not feel connected or at one with themselves or another being they will become depressed and ill, especially in the region of the heart. The heart chakra is all about
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Authenticity IS Success!

by Robin Eagle Sage The truth is that we are all born free. Liberty must sometimes be fought for in order to be kept. It is up to the individual to do so or to shirk their duties as freedom fighters. Freedom fighters are those who ensure the safety of this planet. They are here
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I have given countless medical intuitive readings for people who have serious illnesses and have found that their illnesses traced back to difficult and painful experiences and memories. The majority of female illness can be traced back to rape. Sometimes these women remember the rape and sometimes they have blocked it out, especially when it
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Four Directions Gratitude Prayer

From the book: The Definitive Guidebook to Medical Intuition by Robin Eagle Sage Burn some dried sage in a dish or shell. Or light a beeswax candle. Stand and hold the burning sage. Take deep breathes of gratitude as you turn your body in the four directions: Face the north: Thank your friends, family and
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Heart Chakra Authenticity Awakes!

Last night my students in the medical intuitive training program and I read the 4th chakra. That’s the heart chakra. So much is getting stirred up in my heart after that class because when we read energy and do healings on ourselves, it always stirs up whatever is ready and willing to come out and
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Dolphin Channeling by Robin Eagle Sage

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