The Sage “Feel-Good” Diet for Life

Developed by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

 The Sage "Feel-Good" Diet For Life is an all organic, wheat and sugar free (except for whole fruit) vegan diet. It consists of at least 50% uncooked/raw foods and liquids to receive its maximum benefits. Scroll to the bottom to see the 8 phases of this awesome diet that will make you feel amazing!

In order to thrive on the Sage Diet, you must change the way you think about food. Instead of looking for a satisfying taste and to feel full you must think about how good or bad you feel AFTER you eat. This will be your most important gauge to recognize what is healthy or unhealthy for you. You must also recognize that you actually are full after eating a healthy vegan meal even though your mind will tell you that you are not. It only feels this way because you are not used to a light feeling in your belly and it will take time to adjust. I suggest creating a distraction from your mind and belly after you eat. Also, drink more water than usual. This will help you to feel full and satisfied.

Internally, your body will receive all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs from the Sage Diet. In fact, nutrients will become more bioavailable to you than ever before. Though, your brain may worry that you are not getting what you “need” due to negative and untrue mass programming about diet. It is also your negative bacteria and Candida, etc., that will not be satisfied with your food choices, NOT YOU. When Candida and other microbials are not “fed” the foods that you crave, they will die. This is good! Though, you will feel as if you too are dying. I promise that you are not. The more you rid Candida and other harmful microbials the more your cravings for addictive and unhealthy foods will dissipate.

No healthy food is addictive. You may crave broccoli, but you will never get addicted to it and salivate like a rabid dog, the way you might for potato chips, chocolate, coffee, bread, sugar, etc. As you eat more and more healthy foods, when you slip and eat something unhealthy, you will not feel good. This will only happen after you have re-set your body by eating well for many months. The more contrast you have, the more your body will know and feel the difference. Your taste buds will also change, and what you once ate and loved, you will later think is too sweet, or salty, or spicy, etc.

Gauge your health by how you feel after you eat and drink, not by the cravings that you have.

The Sage Diet consists of eight phases. Begin with phase one. The eighth and final phase is the Master’s Phase and the true Sage Diet. Take three or more months in each phase before moving on to the next phase. In every phase you will have to deal with letting go of addictions, blockages, health issues, physical matter in your body, clutter in your surroundings, co-dependencies, negative past experiences, emotions and other “demons.” In other words, you will cleanse and de-toxify your body, mind and soul each time you move to a new phase and it will be significant. The rewards will also be significant once the turmoil passes. Remember that turmoil comes in many different situations as do the rewards. You must “wait for it” as they say.

I recommend downloading my meditations for sale on my website in order to stabilize yourself during such transitional phases. You will only be successful with the detoxification process if you learn how to love and validate yourself more than you did during the previous phase. You are already loving yourself by choosing a clean and healthy diet. I also recommend filling your body with the energy of love and light. Remember that when you remove toxins from your body, mind and soul you must replace the voids with healthy, thoughts, actions, people, food and beliefs in order for the benefits to hold.

I also suggest that you do colonics while transitioning from phase to phase. This is necessary on the Sage Diet as your body will need help releasing toxins of old. If you stop eating and drinking toxic foods and beverages it will automatically kick you into a phase of detoxification. If you can’t get the older toxins out of your body first, you may have a toxic overload. The colon is at the "end of the line.” Get the old fecal matter (shit) out and you will feel and look better! Chelation can also help in this process. This is the act of eliminating heavy metals from the system. If you choose to chelate naturally you must use daily high dosages of fresh organic cilantro and other herbs and super green foods, such as chlorella, in order to make a difference. Heavy metals are important to remove as other toxins can bind to them and surround them causing blockages and candida.

Are you among the many who believe the propaganda that the big pharma and agro industries have been feeding you? 1) That meat, dairy and protein are essential for good health, 2) The only way to heal is by taking pharmaceuticals, 3) It is okay to eat junk food and sit all day, 4) You cannot heal cancer and other health issues naturally. If you have been brain-washed like most people, then please watch the following movies listed on my website in order to de-program yourself and to think clearly and logically. Even if you are extremely healthy, I recommend these movies.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2                   DVD, Netfix
Fork Over Knives                                          DVD, Netflix
Cowspiracy                                                   DVD
Eat The Sun                                                  DVD, Food Matters TV

More movies are listed here on my website:

Our bodies are not made to eat meat. We do not have the right type of intestines nor the correct canine teeth to be able to eat and digest meat easily as do canines and large felines. If you think naturally, you will note that it does not seem appealing to run up to a rabbit or a deer and bite into its flesh to kill it and rip open its organs and intestines to eat it raw, as it would for a coyote or a wild cat. These animals have canine incisors and special intestines made to digest meat. On the other hand, it is perfectly natural for us to pick berries, grab apples and pull up carrots from the Earth to eat. People must begin to think clearly and logically if they are to thrive instead of barely survive. All fruits and vegetables have all of the correct amount of protein and nutrients in them that humans need. In fact, after you detox from all of the unhealthy food and drink in your system and the cravings stop, you will never feel better in your life than on the Sage Diet for Life.

The best diet to heal cancer and other diseases is a diet naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micro-nutrients, and extremely low in sodium, fats, and proteins. If this diet cures cancer, then don’t you think it could be beneficial for an entire life?

The following is Phase 6 of the Sage Diet for Life. I recommend this phase for the majority of people and phase 8 for those people who would like to heal cancer or other diseases or as a monthly "cleanse". Phase 6 is a great diet to maintain. Remember, gauge your health by how you feel after you eat and drink, not by the cravings that you have.


VEGGIES (50% of your diet)

Eat 40% green vegetables and 10% other colored vegetables. Whenever possible, grow your           own organic food. Buy different veggies each time that you shop. Variety is important for your             body and your mind. Drink one or more vegetable smoothie daily. Blend it with mostly green               vegetables, then other colored veggies, roots (such as ginger and tumeric), herbs, such as                 cilantro, parsley, basil, and mint and water. You can put fruit in it but it may cause fermentation in your gut. Don't use bananas as they are too sweet. If you blend veggies instead of juice them it         will have more fiber, cost less and be easier to clean than a juicer. If you can't stand the taste             at first, (you will love it later) use berries or tart green apples to flavor your smoothies. If you               still don't like the taste, use sweeter fruit, such as oranges.

HERBS (10 % of your diet)

Fresh herbs, such as cilantro, parsley, dandelion greens, basil, mint, etc.

ROOTS (10 % of your diet)

Such as ginger, turmeric, etc.

SPROUTS (10% of your diet)

These are amazing little creatures filled with life, nutrients and anti-parasitical properties. For example, broccoli sprouts are known to kill helicobacter-pylori.

FRUIT (10% of your diet)

Only eat one to two pieces of fruit per day or a handful of berries. This will maintain healthy blood sugar levels and provide your body with important anti-oxidants and life-force energy. Eat fresh fruit, not dried, as dried fruit is too sweet. Only eat bananas occasionally. Do not eat them if you have candida, weight issues or any other health issues.

SEEDS and NUTS (5% of your diet)

Raw and organic. Nuts must be soaked in water over night, then rinses in the morning. This removes their enzyme prohibitors and makes them bio available to your system. It’s like sprouting as it makes them more alive. All except for peanuts. Raw jungle peanuts are fine. Minimize cashews. Quinoa is a seed. Eat this instead of grains.

LEGUMES (5% of your diet)

Black beans, pinto beans, lima beans, lentils, split peas, etc.


Make them a daily staple. They make water/veggie smoothies very creamy.


I do not recommend eating oils. Use them sparingly. Use cold pressed oils and never cook with them. Cook with water. Heating or boiling oil destroys many of the oils' nutrients and may make them toxic. Use coconut oil where you would use butter. Try it over cooked veggies. Coconut oil contains caprylic acid which is a natural anti-fungal. But just because an item has a beneficial factor does not necessarily mean it is healthy for you. Wine is another example of this.


I recommend making your own salad dressings without oil or vinegar by using lemon, water, spices, seeds, herbs, nuts, roots and veggies such as: avocado, cilantro, onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, tahini, etc.


Water, water, water

All herbal teas that are organic and caffeine-free

Lemon/lime water-

Tomato juice- raw and unsweetened

Almond milk unsweetened

I recommend the brand Pacifica because it is organic and unsweetened

Coconut water- organic, unsweetened and raw. Most coconut water is too sweet. Drink it sparingly. Do not drink it if you have any health issues. Get electrolytes via supplements if necessary.

Vegetable juice squeezed from a juicer or blended. This is important to have daily. I recommend 2-8 large glasses per day.

Coconut juice/water is usually cooked and then becomes too sweet and feeds candida as do all sweets. Drink it raw from a freshly cracked coconut if possible. Some health food stores will open them for you. If they don’t, ask them to. I have made many changes in my local health food stores by my constant requests. Coconut water can be very sweet. I recommend drinking it infrequently, such as, when you exercise extensively and need electrolytes. Don’t let it be your crutch for sugar.

SAUCES for veggies:

Use herbs, spices, roots, nuts, seeds and seaweed for seasoning, such as turmeric, curry, graham masala, cayenne, cilantro, dulse, tahini, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, lemon, ginger, onion, garlic, green onions, salsa, chives, dill, mint, etc. Spicy (hot) spices are good for killing parasites.

Dulse flakes are a great substitute for salt and can be kept on the dinner table in a container with large holes.


I do not recommend using any sweeteners. You must learn to adapt your taste buds to real food. That includes bitter foods, such as, bitter greens and herbs.



This phase is called, "I Can Do It!" because you will need a lot of conviction, support and belief in yourself to let go of such addictions that will rule and control your life.

No alcohol, drugs, soda, caffeine, coffee or tea of any kind except organic herbal tea.


This phase is called, "I Love Myself" because it takes a lot of self-love to free one's self of the sugar addiction.

No sugar, dried fruit, chocolate or cacao of any kind except for fresh organic whole fruit.


This phase is called, "Freedom" because that is how you will feel when you free yourself of the foods that clog and prevent freedom in the body.

No wheat, pasta, chips, junk food, grain, popcorn or breads of any kind.


This phase is called, "Savior" as you will save your body, the environment and animals. You are starting to become self-reliant and to use plant-based resources that will aid your body, mind and spirit. For more information on this watch the movie, "Cow-spiracy", "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2" and "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix.

No red meat


This phase is called, "Intelligent" because that is how you will begin to feel without foul and fish in your body.

No meat or fish of any kind


This phase is called, "Sustenance" because it will sustain you in the modern world.

No milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs or dairy products of any kind.

This phase consists of organic vegetables, sprouts, roots, herbs, sprouts, fruit, avocados, seeds (including quinoa) and legumes.


This phase is called,"Relaxed" because that is how your body may feel when you take out the irritants of seeds and nuts.

No seeds or nuts of any kind.

This phase consists of organic vegetables, roots, herbs, sprouts, fruit, avocados and legumes.


No legumes.

This phase  consists of organic vegetables, roots, herbs, sprouts, fruit and avocados.

This phase is called, "High Vibration" because that is how you will feel on such a clean diet. You will have more energy than ever before. Especially if you take the right steps to cleanse your colon, kidneys and liver before hand, so that life force energy may move through you easily. The HIGH VIBRATION diet is a healing diet both for those who are healing from a dis-ease and for those who would like to maintain  their health. For maintenance purposes the HIGH VIBRATION diet may be used once a month for one week, every week for a day or daily if feasible.

NOTE- If you slip on your diet or want to be “naughty,” eat the food from the previous stage of your diet and then return to your current phase. Always send yourself love no matter what you do!

For a testimonial of how this plant-based diet will make you thrive and heal, please watch the movie: "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2." It is on Netflix.

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