Level 6, Week 1, Home-Play

  1. AP Reading: Read only ONE healthy color of love in your AP's space for 15-20 minutes each. Set an alarm and record it as usual and send it to your AP.

2. Write your 10 colors of love in the Google Doc called, "LOVE BOOK." I sent you the Google Doc invite link to join the group. Make sure you write in this document after your name if you want to be published in my book about medical intuition!

3. Read the book: We are Human Angels by Human Angels. You will love this book! This book is so good you can listen to it once a month!
You can find it at the following link on Audible.com. https://www.audible.com/searchkeywords=we+are+human+angels&ref=a_hp_t1_header_search
Or you can buy a physical copy.

4. Make and drink a green smoothie daily. I suggest making one with vegetables, herbs, ginger, fruit, super green powder (and protein powder if you are a vegetarian) blended in the blender. I am not talking about juicing vegetables. For example you can use: kale/spinach, cucumber, carrot, celery, cilantro, (or parsley), ginger, berries and protein powder and/or super green powder. Level 6 is all about self-love and your relationship with your Self and others.

4 comments on “Level 6, Week 1, Home-Play

  1. stefan fabry

    1. AP Reading:
    My AP has access to a streak of divine kindness and love which affects everyone around him all the time in positive ways. He received a meditation: to sit still and to feel, see, perceive that warm flow through his top of the head and see, feel and perceive it expanding into the room he sits in, outside of the room, encompassing all people in the house, the street, the town. In that, he is enough.

    2. Write your 10 colors of love in the Google Doc called, “LOVE BOOK.”

    3. Read the book: We are Human Angels by Human Angels.
    Listened to it. The beginning was very touching with the many “if” questions. Felt resonance throughout and need to hear more often to get a clearer grip on the steps recommended in the content.

    4. Make and drink a green smoothie daily.
    Raw veggies are too rough for my gut at this point; the veggie juices would trigger candida flare-ups so I did not include them; maybe in 6 months or a year from now. I made my version for several weeks now and over the last few days, however, with boiled kale, avocado (raw), cilantro (raw) and chestnuts mixed all with coconut milk.


    1. Had my reading with AP. Realized I need to review my notes and do better job following outline. Also need to work on my reading technique. Was able to learn alot by being read.

    2. Completed and corrected my entries into LOVE BOOK.

    3. Began reading the book: We are Human Angels. Very deep book, taking it slow, do not want to rush through it. Love the book so far.

    4. Celery, cucumber, mint, kale, banana, apple, and pineapple. Could feel the energy, aliveness, as I drank it.

  3. DevarthiDevarthi

    1) My AP had a beautiful white color which essentially spiritualized everything he said, did, or experienced. It persisted thru the reading

    2) I entered the ten colors into the LOVE book

    3) I got half way thru the audio version of Human Angels. Very beautiful words.

    4) I didn’t get all the ingredients yet for the smoothie.


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