Readings and Healings

Energy readings and energy healings may be given on any subject by phone or Skype. Click here to PAY for a session. Email me to set up a time for a session:

Clairvoyant~Intuitive Energy Readings

In an energy reading I will be doing most of the talking. Because I see people's energy, in my mind's eye, I do not need my clients to be with me. Therefore, I give sessions over the phone world-wide. Feel free to ask any question that you desire. Your question may concern love, health and medical issues, relationships, past lives, animals, spirits, family, transitioned loved ones, business or finances. My goal is to bring health, clarity and understanding to your life.

Clair-voyance is a French word meaning clear-sight or the ability to see and read energy. By tuning-in to a person’s frequency, I am able to see colors and pictures in my mind's eye, regarding a person's physical and energetic body. These pictures tell me the story and pattern of a person’s life, where they are blocked, where they have positive flow and how to help them.

Reading energy is like interpreting a foreign language. My clients ask questions and I translate the answers from the energy patterns into words. My mission is to bring health and clarity to people and to assist them in achieving their goals. We are all able to create our own realities!

Energy Healings

Whether you are trying to cure a disease, heal a relationship or attain greater finances, most sessions include an energy healing. The goal of a energy healing is to release blockages and to create flow, health and balance. I do this energetically by transforming negative, dark and stuck energy and cells into healthy, positive and flowing energy and physicality. In other words, an energy healing will allow your natural truth and health to prevail.

In order for a person to fully heal they may need more information about a particular issue. Such as, what is causing it and how to heal it. When this is the case, I will speak about how to reach your goal and then do an energy healing after talking. If a health concern is chronic; I may need to give a silent energy healing in order to focus on the targeted area of concern with great precision. Energy healings may be given over the telephone, in person or as an absentee energy healing for someone you love.


More About Energy Readings

Intuitive readings reveal information for one's highest good and soul's purpose. If you are struggling with a particular issue, readings will provide a new perspective and facilitate growth and healing.

A clairvoyant~intuitive reading is different from a psychic reading. Clairvoyant~intuitive readings focus on a person's individual being, whereas psychic readings often predict the future. Although most people are intuitive, clairvoyants are trained with additional skills, such as the ability to actually see energy with the third eye. Reiki masters for example, can often feel energy but can not see it.

I read energy clairvoyantly by seeing colors and pictures, hearing words, tuning-in to my "knowingness" and through other information conveyed to me by angels and spirit guides. During the reading, I will describe what I see and interpret the meaning. In some cases, the information comes as a metaphor or a sensation. Since each person's energetic field is different, the reading is unique and based on your own soul's history and vibratory pattern.

I will also remove blocked energy in your physical body or energy field. These blockages may be due to past traumas or even past lives. A multitude of energy is healed and transformed during an energy reading and healing. I may align your chakras, heal tears in your auric field, stop leaking energy or remove foreign entities. Some people may not feel anything during a healing, while others may feel a shift in their mental, emotional and physical body. The healing, in most cases, will continue to unfold for a week or more after the session.

Sometimes people ask me for advice. I will never tell you what you should do or should not do. However, I will give you an honest and clear reading so you have more information to make your own decision. I will only see or hear information that you are ready to hear. If your body, mind, or spirit is not ready to receive particular information or to experience healing, this information will not be revealed to me during the reading.

Intuitive readings will help you see your own inner beauty, truth, and connection to source. During (and after) the reading, many people may feel a sense of expansiveness, heightened awareness and clarity. Some may feel a sense of validation as information is revealed, a feeling of relief and a profound healing. Not everything I say may resonate in the moment, but often upon reflection or more time you may see the significance. This is why encourage listening to the recording of your session at a later date.

All readings are done by phone or skype for either 30 or 60 minutes. Click here for more information about pricing or contact me to schedule an appointment at