The 4th Chakra


The 4th chakra is located in the heart region of the human body. It is about connection and oneness with all. When a person does not feel connected or at one with themselves or another being they will become depressed and ill, especially in the region of the heart. The heart chakra is all about relationships. If you do not see a person in their wholeness and light they will stick to your space and become blocked in your body, mind and soul, thus causing health issues. Therefore, it is essential to see our friends and foe alike with compassion instead of judgement. We must see them in their happiness and wholeness instead of their negative emotions and weaknesses. This in turn will automatically improve your relationships. It doesn’t mean you have to trust a person or spend time with them if they are not a safe choice. It simply means that you recognize they too are a child of God and are worthy of love and light, if only on an energetic level. This is what truly brings peace to this world and the self.

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